We are women.

We have all our answers already within ourselves.

We are whole and complete, but we are not finished.

We are committed to the often difficult work of personal growth.

We are all welcome, regardless of race, age, size, gender expression, ability, orientation, culture, religion, education, or income.


WWIP identifies with, affirms the humanity of, and supports the rights of:


*Black people, Latinx people, and all people of color

*Indigenous people

*People with disabilities

*Transgender people

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer people

*Immigrants, regardless of documentation status

*Intersex and Gender-Nonconforming people


*People who are incarcerated

*Muslims, Jews, and people of all religious faiths

*Atheist, Agnostic, and non-religious people

*People with mental illnesses

*Military Veterans

*Sex workers

*People who are fat

*People who have survived sexual assault and abuse

*People who do not speak English

*People living in poverty

*People who have had an abortion

We stand with all people who are marginalized and oppressed, and especially with those at the intersections of these groups.


This list is ever-evolving, as are we.