Camp Starseed

In January 2018, WWIP will host a winter camp: Camp Starseed.

A contrast to our energetic summertime Camp Moonrise, Camp Starseed is a slowing down, reflective place for restoring balance after the holidaze. We will spend our time staying warm with hot liquids around the fireplace, writing and creating, cooking and laughing together. It’s basically a 4-day pajama party! The Danish word “Hygge” is the perfect encapsulation:


Kick off your 2018 in the company of powerful and cozy women.

Registration is limited to members only.

On ‘Strong’ Women

I wrote this in the Facebook group a couple weeks ago and want to capture it here. I’d like to eventually write a more in-depth exploration of the topic, as there is a lot to unpack here. For now, it will do.


Thinking a lot about the myth of the ‘strong’ woman… the expectation to pushpushpush through and deny ourselves pain. What a masculine ideal! What could we be if we didn’t have to be so damn STRONG all the time? What if we allowed pain and grief and emotions to move through us and actually affect us, and had the space to admit freely that we are Not Okay. Maybe a woman who has been pretending she was fine for the last year so as not to garner too much attention or worry wouldn’t be in the hospital right now (my grandmother). Maybe the grief and pain would drag us under (at first) but we would return to the surface faster and with more fortitude and insight. Our lives as women are not linear; they fluctuate and cycle and spiral out and move and change- To be ‘strong’ is to be immovable. And I will be moved.

20 Days ’til Camp!

We are rounding third base over here, and preparation for Camp Moonrise is in full-swing! Here’s a little peek at what I’ve been up to…

We still have a couple spots open, and due to a generous donation, can offer one more scholarship spot at $250. This spot is offered to women who identify with one (or more!) of the following: facilitator (yoga, movement, mindfulness, personal development, etc.) single parent, woman of color, or low-income.

Back to the magic,


Work In Progress

70 Days til Camp!

Camp Moonrise is in 70 days!

Lots of details are falling into place, including the detailed menus for our healthy locally-catered meals (all included in tuition).

The beautiful and private venue, Venture Retreat Center, is located in Pescadero, CA and is finalizing all of our plans and details. We will absolutely be taking advantage of the proximity to the ocean with an afternoon picnic on the beach!

Our schedule, full of silly social time and relaxation, is slowly and intentionally coming together.

Camp goodie bags, gifted upon arrival, are taking shape. There are some really lovely little surprises in them!

All we need is you ♥

Shop Update!

Dropped a new mug (and tote!) in the shop! Show your support for modern, progressive values *and* help fund our low-income campers. It’s a win-win-win!

It comes in a kajillion colors, too.

Spring Clothing Swap & Social

The weather is warming up! As we all venture bleary-eyed from our Winter dens, it’s a good time to get together and make in-person, offline connections.

On April 1st, we are holding a clothing and accessories swap in West Oakland. It’s a chance to get a jump on spring cleaning, purge items that no longer serve us, and to enjoy the sunshine with amazing ladies!


  • Bring clean tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, accessories (hats, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.), shoes, bags, swimwear… anything! Please bring at least 5 items, a bag for your new goodies, and a snack to share (I will have plenty of beverages). This is a non-alcohol event.
  • There will be a plant sale, benefitting the low-income camper fund for Camp Moonrise. Succulents in cute and unique planters, ready for your desk or windowsill. $10-15 each, with a $5 discount if you buy three! Credit/debit cards accepted.
  • We are also holding a RAFFLE to help raise money for our low-income camper fund. We are raffling off TWO 60-minute Swedish massages- one using one entry per person, the other is using one entry per ticket, to help level the field (think of it as the House & the Senate : ) Tickets are $5 each, winner does *not* need to be present to win.
  • We will have a small selection of ‘pink slip’ postcards to send in to the White House to tell Chump he’s FIRED!

This is also a perfect opportunity to bring along any women you think should join the group or attend Camp Moonrise, as we will have some more camp info for everyone.

The weather is looking to be *very* warm- please prepare with whatever you need to be comfortable! Sunscreen, hat, light clothing, water bottle…


Happy Spring, everyone!

This is only the beginning.

It’s day four of the Trump administration, and millions of women are mobilized.


Women, Work In Progress is committed to resisting the dangerous, racist, and sexist regime of Trump and his cabinet. Our Womanifesto has been revised to include our solidarity with the people most at risk in the coming months.

We will be following along with the Women’s March: 10 Actions in 100 Days campaign, as well as working with other local groups to take action.

We will not go back.