We are Women, Work In Progress, a women’s group founded in the California Bay Area in 2015.

We are carving out an intentional space to create and inspire and connect. A space to plan casual, fun get-togethers, deep introspective retreats, and everything in between. Because we are all wide and varied individuals, so will our gatherings be.  All ways of being and participating are welcome.

We value confidentiality, respect, and autonomy. We are dedicated to self-discovery and growth. We do not prescribe to any particular dogma, though we may get together to discuss or practice ritual in a particular way. All of our activities and focus bubble up from our members; all ideas are welcome.

Some of the thoughts and ideas so far include:

  • Bowling/Arcade Nights
  • Pregnancy & Mothering Forum/Salon
  • Full Moon Bonfires
  • Craft/Art Gatherings
  • Clothing Swaps
  • Dance Classes
  • Group Hikes
  • SkillShares
  • Book Club
  • Cooking
  • Political Action
  • A yearly women’s weekend (Camp Moonrise)
  • Your Idea Here!

We hope to provide the most equal access we can to our gatherings. Physical disabilities and limitations, hearing and vision impairments, economic disparities, childcare provisions, language barriers, and other concerns shall be considered. Feedback and ideas are encouraged!


Membership is currently restricted to invite-only.


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