On ‘Strong’ Women

I wrote this in the Facebook group a couple weeks ago and want to capture it here. I’d like to eventually write a more in-depth exploration of the topic, as there is a lot to unpack here. For now, it will do.


Thinking a lot about the myth of the ‘strong’ woman… the expectation to pushpushpush through and deny ourselves pain. What a masculine ideal! What could we be if we didn’t have to be so damn STRONG all the time? What if we allowed pain and grief and emotions to move through us and actually affect us, and had the space to admit freely that we are Not Okay. Maybe a woman who has been pretending she was fine for the last year so as not to garner too much attention or worry wouldn’t be in the hospital right now (my grandmother). Maybe the grief and pain would drag us under (at first) but we would return to the surface faster and with more fortitude and insight. Our lives as women are not linear; they fluctuate and cycle and spiral out and move and change- To be ‘strong’ is to be immovable. And I will be moved.