Wake up, it’s the first of the month.

I sat down to write a quick update, now that we are officially in September and there are other transitions afoot. My intentions were to touch briefly on the energy of summer translating into a quieter time on the WWIP page, and how I was looking forward to the cooler months because that’s when we saw the most connections between members.

Well, the post ran away with me and turned into something more appropriate for my personal blog (if you’re interested, you can read it here).

The post rings true here, though, as we have some celebrations coming after a fairly quiet summer. Today is the first of the month, a New Moon, and a solar eclipse! A great time for stepping forward into a new project or habit. We have a full moon celebration in two weeks, a one-year anniversary potluck of our founding in early October, and a New Moon Spooky Samhain gathering at the end of October!  I am also hoping to start planning a fundraiser to support 2017’s Camp Moon Rise.

The routines we settle into at the eve of autumn are maybe reminiscent of our school days, but I hope there is a decidedly happier feel to them. I know routine actually helps me to be my Best Self.

I look forward to our upcoming community gatherings and return to self as our seasons shift. Join us!

(+1 if you got the title reference!)

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