That post Full Moon glow


What a beautiful weekend with beautiful women.

And when I say beautiful, I don’t mean the beauty we are expected to perform for others; for our partners, for our coworkers, for our children.

I mean shining, powerful, cracked, fumbling, radiating light. I mean courageous, daring, ‘fuck it’ strength from a place where there was none before. I mean connective, loving, grounded listening in the face of hopeless angry tears. I mean the kind of beauty you find at your very center, or stretched wide over the entire sky.

Thank you to all who made this possible, and who gave a bit of themselves so that we might create something new.

New Moon Intentions

These are almost a week late now, but that is how this last week has been. I have become aware in the last few days that many close women in my circle have seen similar energies; Dark, under the surface, in the shadows. As the Camp Moon Rise planning stage closes and the experience and celebration looms, I am reminded how powerful intentions can be.

And so, as founder and facilitator, these are my intentions for Camp Moon Rise:

Community- that we may be enriched and emboldened by sharing space and ideas with each other, and create lasting bonds.

Creativity- that we may fully express ourselves in a myriad of ways, allowing for us to be truly seen as our most authentic selves.

Courage- that we may lay bare our stories, shine light onto our darkest parts, and move forward through our fears.

It is my hope that each participant creates her own intention in tune with her most authentic self.