Mantra Music

Here are some seriously powerful songs by some seriously powerful women! Beats and lyrics to inspire strength, this playlist is perfect for an energizing dance party with yourself. Or girl gang. Or cat.


It has been nearly 6 months since Women, Work In Progress began. What an inspiring first chapter! We have held full moon bonfires, salons about pregnancy and birth, discussions around self-care, and laid grand plans for our first annual weekend retreat.

I wish to express deep gratitude for the women who have contributed to the success and growth in this first few months. It is clear that we all had a deep need for this very intentional space . The confirmation and support for this new adventure has me very inspired to focus more time and energy into this group.

This website is designed to give the group a bit more legitimacy and create a space that is outside of my more personal realm; though you will see me post as ‘me’ for now.

Thanks for visiting! This place will surely evolve as we do; such are the women in progress.